Team prepareyouranus are an emerging superpower on the inter-team/clan rivalry scene. Much like the BRIC nations on the current economic and development index. With humble beginnings on the Kingdom Island of Bahrain , the team initally started ''for the lulz'.

Its potential was realised after a complete domination of challenges made by other minor teams throughout the channels. This spurred many requests for membership that have allowed its slight growth to a more recognised team. The team currently aspires to one day 'be the very best, like no-one ever was'.


The team is currently headed by iainofbahrain, who is beleived to be the heir to the throne of Stalin , and it his his envisionment of success that currently drives the team. iainofbahrain has strong ancestral roots in the Middle East, and his ancestory can be traced back to Israel , he enjoys learning about its rich history. He can only narrowly be deafeated by one person of the team (see Marshall Hashim)

Iainofbahrain has appointed 3 marshalls to aid him in the management of the team.

The Marshall Hashim is a character in real life suffers the burden of being stopped and examined at airports for what is currently an unknown reason. Reknown for his philisophical mind, Hashim has undergone rigourous training to ensure the team has a hero to look up to. Although his official username is Hashim, he has also been known to go under the alias of pimpman97. The combination of Hashims strong and almost unbeatable Pokemon combined with his above average size Penis, makes him a worthy foe when comparing penis sizes.

The Marshall ZainH possesses a plutonic love for his Jolteon, and has also been known to be fond of his Nidoking.ZainH has been involved in several Prepareyouranus group missions . many of which have been documented inhistorical documents. In addition, ZainH has served in several Prepareyouranus offensises, and defensive battles, such as the Battle of Isengard, where he fought alongside his trusted Ent-friend, Quickbeam. He narrowly escaped arrest as he failed to understand that the outside world does not operate nor is govern by the same laws that the Pokemmo world does. He was arrested in the year 2001 for violoting a woman . 

The third Marshall is the hero the team deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So they chase him. Because he's not a hero, he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight. Quickbeam is arguably the most pussy of the 3, and dons his signature afro, which is adored by females all over the globe. Some would say that his afro uses the water-type move 'Surf' upon such women. It is rare for Quickbeam to sleep alone at night, he is accompanied by different women each night.