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Channel Chat or Channel is a smaller chat channel in PokéMMO.

Channel Chat is distributed into 8 different chats with each chat residing on their own respective channel. When a player logs in, the game automatically puts the player on the least filled channel starting with channel 1. There is no requirement before using this type of chat, it is available to players as soon as they get in the game.

General Purposes

Channel Chat's main purpose is to have a chat among the rest of the players that are located in the same chat.


The following rules for Channel Chat have been put in effect for various reasons. Depending on the rule broken, the punishment will vary. These rules for Channel Chat go hand-in-hand with the General Game Rules. General Game Rules will still be listed as they are very important to follow in this chat, as anyone can see what you post. Please note that the punishment given is to the discretion of the staff member.

The Channel Chat rules are as follow: 

  • You may not post trades in Channel Chat. There is a Trade Chat for a reason.
  • You may not bypass the Bad Language Filter.
  • You may not speak of or discuss how to obtain ROMs.
  • You may not harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress to others.
  • You may not spam, flood, or repeatedly make duplicate post.
  • You may not post gibberish (Ex: dbkefbksgfug, fldiuldiubfl).
  • You may not solicit, advertise, or promote any services other than PokéMMO.
  • You may not discuss any exploitable issues. Report them to a staff member privately.
  • You may not post or link to any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, infringing, obscene, hateful, vulgar, racially or ethically offensive content.
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