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Team leader(s):shinbagel
Date established:May 23, 2013
In-game channel(s):7
Forum topic:[no link]

Clan Dope (Guild Tag [SOOP]) is a team created in PokeMMO created on May 23, 2013.

How to Join and Capacity Cap

Currently, the only prerequisite to join is to answer a brief 3-question survey. With a current roster cound of 50+, there is no currenty maximum Capacity in the clan.

Clan Activities

Clan Dope participates in a wide variety of activities ranging from Pokemon and Treasure Hunts to contests and battle tournaments. There are also giveaways of free rare pokemon and items amongst clan members

The clan is also currently developing a team in hopes of participating in future clan wars.

Headquarters and Main Channel

Clan Dope's current base of operation is the top floor of the Lavender Town Pokemon Tower on channel 7.

Ally Teams

Clan Dope does not currently have a alliance with any teams at this time.

Staff Members


  • Shinbagel


  • Nhuan


  • LeonLonewolf
  • Thebesttrainer
  • Cressila