Custom Additions are features which have been added to PokeMMO to improve gameplay or make the game fit the MMO environment.

Starting the Game

National PokeDEX

In PokeMMO, players start with the National PokeDEX. This allows for players to obtain Pokemon at earlier points in the game. 

Running Shoes

Like the National PokeDEX, players start with Running Shoes. By default, players will hold 'B', or the X key, and use the directional keys to run.

Encounter Tables

The encounter tables for FireRed and LeafGreen were mixed together on the August 9th patch .

The encounter rate for each pokemon is now averaged between FireRed and LeafGreen, meaning that some encounters may be higher or lower than FireRed. This implemented LeafGreen exclusives .

Day/Night cycle

The Day / Night cycle was introduced in the August 21st patch with several subsequent updates to it.

Players can find the time by typing, "/time" into their chat or by looking at the Clock to the left of their Bag. The Sun or Moon icons represent Day and Night respectively.

The time cycle considers:

  • 07:00-21:59 to be "DAY TIME"
  • 22:00-06:59 to be "NIGHT TIME"

New Pokemon

Day & Night Spawns

During the June 2013 update, initial Day/Night Pokemon cycles were implemented. Though all newly implemented Pokemon are found only at night, some original Pokemon such as Heracross can only be found during the day. During the Night Cycles, new Pokemon such as Relicanth, Chinchou, Gligar, and Lunatone can be found. Also, original Pokemon can be found in new locations. An example of this would be Zubat being available in tall grass at night.

Altering Cave & Event Pokemon

Certain Pokemon from other regions have been implemented. There have been a few ways of doing this. One way is Altering Cave. Altering Cave have 7 cycles which are each 6 hours long and hold different Pokemon. The other way is events. In the past, events such as the Spring Event, Spooky Event, and Winter Event have been held. During these events, certain Pokemon were available. When the event ended, the Pokemon were removed from the wild. Those pokemon are now only available via trading with others.

Trade Restrictions

Starter Pokémon, and their evolutions, cannot be traded until they have reached level 25. This includes;

  • Bulbasaur, Ivysaur
  • Charmander, Charmeleon
  • Squirtle, Wartortle

Custom Merchants

Berry Merchant

A merchant which sells Berries was introduced in the September 22nd patch .

The Berry Merchant is the Upper Merchant in the Saffron Mart. He holds most berries that are available throughout the game. He also holds EV Reducing Berries. Each berry will reduce EVs in a certain stat by 10 with each berries.

EV Reducing Berries
Berry Stat
Pomeg Berry Hit Points (HP)
Kelpsy Berry Attack
Qualot Berry Defense
Hondew Berry Special Attack
Grepa Berry Special Defense
Tamato Berry Speed

Vanity Item Merchant

A salesman has been added to the Celadon Dept. Store. He can be found to the right of the original salesman on Floor 4. He sells customization items such as hats, clothing, bags, and hair. Prices for such items range from $25,000 -$500,000. Note that all customization will not be available there.

Changes to the Game Corner

Custom Prizes have been added to the Game Corner in Celadon City. These prizes include clothing, a Mystery Box, and even Starter Pokemon! Along with these new prizes, there is now a cap on the amount of coins you may buy. In PokeMMO, you may only buy up to 9999 coins. After 9999, you must play for the rest.

Elite Four Cooldown

A 6 hour real time cooldown on the Elite Four has been implemented to prevent mass grinding of experience and money. This cooldown begins when you first enter the Elite Four and takes effect no matter if you win/lose/disconnect.

Legendary Pokemon

Most Legendary Pokemon are currently unavailable in PokeMMO. This is simply due to the fact that they wouldn't be legendary if everybody had one. All Legendary are expected to be available someday in a way much different than the original game.

MewTwo is available in a special way as a PVP event currently. Capturing MewTwo means you only keep him in your party for a limited time. If you are beaten in a PVP battle (that you cannot avoid or refuse) then you lose MewTwo. Logging out also causes you to lose MewTwo.