List of frequently answered questions in the Pokemon series. 


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Q: How do I unlock this Gym?


Gym How do I unlock
Pewter City Nothing
Cerulean City Nothing
Vermillion City Get HM01 Cut from S.S. Anne. The first button is always in the last Trash Can you check, and the second button is always adjacent to the first
Celadon City Get HM01 Cut from S.S.Anne
Fuchsia City Get Pokeflute from Mr. Fuji
Saffron City Get Tea for guards from Celadon Mansion and liberate Silph Co from Team Rocket
Cinnabar Island Find the key inside of Pokemon Mansion next door
Viridian City Get 7 Badges and beat Giovanni in his other locations.

Note: that you can skip Saffron City gym by unlocking Surf from Fuschia and going straight to Cinnabar. You will still need to finish the business at Silph Co. before you can go to Viridian City Gym though.  

Q:What can I do after I beat the elite 4 and champion?

A:Go to island one and talk to Celio,and find the gem, same as with Fire Red and Leaf Green Version.  

Q: How do I save?

A: You don't. The game saves everything automatically. 


Q: What Pokemon are available in game? Where do I get ____ Pokemon?


Q: On the list of available pokemon, what does NYI mean?

A: Not yet implemented.  

Q: Are Legendaries available yet?

A: Most legendaries have not yet been implemented ingame. They will be added eventually, but nothing about the details of their implementation is confirmed. Most legendaries have been removed from their respective lairs, but you may catch Mewtwo if no other Pokemon Trainer is in possession of it.

Mewtwo is a very controlling Pokemon, and, as such, any trainer who captures it will be forced to battle any other trainer daring enough to challenge him or her. If the trainer loses in battle, Mewtwo leaves the trainer and joins the victor of the battle, making its whereabouts known to all Pokemon Trainers. It will grow bored of its trainer if the trainer takes a break from his or her journey.

Q: How do I get a shiny Pokemon?

A: You get lucky. Really, really lucky. There is no method for finding shinies, you just accidentally find one. The odds are 1 in 8192 or 1 in 7373 if you donated.  

Q: When does a pokemon appear in Altering Cave? How to check current cycle?

A: It is determined by cycle, see

Q: What's the best ______ type pokemon? Should I use ______ or _______?

A: You could try and pick something out of OU or BL, however this isn't going to be nearly as effective in PokeMMO. Due to the lack of certain items, pokemon, abilities and moves, as well as slightly different game mechanics for some features (such as sand storm, light ball and breeding), the PokeMMO metagame is rather different from the gen 3 standard metagame. If you really want to learn more about competitive play visit thePokeMMO forums specifically Competition Alley and Competitive Assistance.

For information on existing PokeMMO tiers check out the OU/BL banlist and the UU banlist.  For the reasons mentioned above these tiers are not the same as Smogon's.

Q: How do I give my Pokemon a nickname? How do I rename this Pokemon that already has?

A: Right click on the Pokemon in your Party and then click the yellow piece of paper. You must be the Original Trainer (OT) of the Pokemon.  Note that once a Pokemon has been nicknamed, it cannot be renamed.  

Q: Why can't I trade this Pokemon?

A: Starters and their evolutions can not be traded until level 25 or greater.

Q: Why is my Pokemon loafing around?

A: If you are not the OT (Original Trainer) of a Pokemon you will need certain badges (see here) to control them.  The higher level the Pokemon the more badges necessary to control them.  Unlike the handheld games, however, as of the 25/06/2013 update disobedience mechanics in PokeMMO make the Pokemon 'loaf around' every turn if you lack the necessary badges.

No badges: Pokemon up to level 20 will obey you.

Boulder Badge (1st Gym; Rock type): up to level 25.

Cascade Badge (2nd Gym; Water type): 30?

Rainbow Badge (4th Gym; Grass type): 50?

Marsh Badge  (6th Gym; Psychic type): 70?

All 8 badges: 100

Q: What level does _____ evolve? What moves does _____ learn?

A: To find out when a Pokemon evolves check an online Pokemon database - Bulbapedia is a good resource.  

For movesets Bulbapedia, or another resource, will get you started but lacks a couple important details.  The Gen 3 tab on Bulbapedia will accurately display the level-up, TM, HM and Tutor (assuming implementation) moves of a Pokemon but will not accurately display the available egg moves.  Due to theenhanced breeding mechanics of PokeMMO these differ from the handheld games. At this time there is no guide to additional egg moves, so tinker around a bit to figure out what you can get.  

The in-game PokeDex also will display the level-up, TM and HM movepool of a pokemon you have complete data (have caught) on.

Q: What are EVs / Effort Values? How do I EV Train? Where should I EV Train?

A:Here is a link:  

Q: My Pokemon dissapeared, how do I get them back?

A: In all likelihood this is an uncommon visual bug.  Usually relogging once or twice will fix the issue.  If this does not work continue attempting to relog, but also change your password and run an antivirus scan in case you have been hacked.

If somehow your Pokemon did truly disappear post a report in the Bug Report subforum and give all the information you can about the problem so they can try to fix them for other users.

This game being in Alpha development stage the staff will not replace missing Pokemon, and lying in the Bug Reports subforum to try and get new Pokemon may result in serious consequences .

Q: Is breeding in? How do I breed?

A: Yes breeding is implemented as of the 6/25/2013 patch. Go here  for an explanation of PokeMMO breeding mechanics (they differ from the handheld games).


Q: What are the white boxes at the top of my screen?

A: That's your Item Hotbar. Drag items from your Bag to it for easy use. This is bound to F1 - F6 by default.  

Q: How do I get the Town Map?

A: Your Rival's sister gives it to you right after you retreive Professor Oak's parcel from the Viridian City Pokemart. She's in the house next to yours in Pallet Town.  

Q: How do I get the bike? How much does the bike cost?

A: The bike can be purchased only using the Free Bike Voucher acquired from the President of the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City  

Q: Where do I get the S.S. Ticket?

A: From Bill on Route 25.  

Q: How do I get past the guard? Where do I get Ice Water / Soda Pop / Lemonade / Tea?

A: The guards in the 4 Saffron City guardhouses won't let you pass until you bring them Tea. The old lady on the bottom floor of the Celadon Mansion in Celadon City will give you Tea. Ice Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade are in the vending machines on the rooftop of the Celadon Dept. Store.  

Q: Why can't I go to the top of the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town?

A: You can't get to the top because you don't have the Silph Scope. Go to Celadon City, enter the Game Corner and talk to and battle the Team Rocket Grunt. When he leaves, "talk to" the Poster behind where he was standing. Defeat Team Rocket to get the Silph Scope.  

Q: Why is this Pokemon blocking my way? How do I catch Snorlax?

A: That's Snorlax. There are only two per character, so they're fairly rare. It's asleep. You need the Pokeflute from Mr. Fuji at the top of Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.  

Q: How do I get Running Shoes? How do I run?

Running is available from the start. Hold your 'B' key (Default 'X') when walking outdoors (and some indoor locations) to run.


Q: How do I get the Itemfinder?

A: Second Floor of the guardhouse East of Vermilion City. Talk to Professor Oak's Aide. You'll need to have caught at least 30 Pokemon to get it.  

Q: How do I get the EXP. Share?

A: Second Floor of the guardhouse East of Fuchsia City. Talk to Professor Oak's Aide. You'll need to have caught at least 50 Pokemon to get it.  

Q: Do Pokemon holding the EXP Share get Effort Values?

A: Yes, any pokemon that gains exp in a battle will gain effort values.  

Q: How do I get the Amulet Coin?

A: Second Floor of the guardhouse West of Celadon City. Talk to Professor Oak's Aide. You'll need to have caught at least 40 Pokemon to get it.  

Q: How do I get the Macho Brace?

A: Use the Itemfinder while standing where Giovanni stood after battling (and speaking to him) him in the Viridian City Gym.  

Q: How do I get the Soothe Bell?

A: Use the Itemfinder while standing where Mr. Fuji stood before you left Pokemon Tower with him.  

Q: How do I get Dragon Scale / King's Rock / Metal Coat / Moon Stone?

A: These can be found on their respective pokemon or in certain locations in game. The chance that the wild (or Game Corner purchased, in certain cases) Pokemon will be holding one of these items is 5%. These items are consumed when used to evolve a Pokemon. These items can be found in the following places.

  • Dragon Scale - Dratini/Bagon, and on 6 island just above the Ruin Valley entrance
  • King's Rock - Poliwhirl/Slowbro, and on 7 island to the south of Sevault Canyon
  • Metal Coat - Magnemite, and on 5 island to the south of Memorial Pillar
  • Moon Stone - Clefairy, and various locations throughout the game

Q: Do Rare Candies work yet?

A: As of the 10/8/2012 Patch, Yes! Rare Candies work!  

Q: How do I take an item from my Pokemon after making it hold it?

A: Click the red X next to the item name in your pokemon summary box while it is in your party OR give it something else to hold. Alternatively to make the Pokemon hold nothing, give it an item from the Key Items pocket in your bag. The option is there and usable, but the key item does not leave the bag or attach to the Pokemon and still removes the current hold item.  

Q: How do I trade items to other players?

A: The update in August, 2014 allows items to be traded in bulk through the same trading interface as trading Pokemon and Pokedollars.

Q: How do I sell items?

Selling items to NPCs is not yet implemented.


Q: What are TMs?

A: TMs are Technical machines. They are single-use and will teach a selected Pokémon the move, provided it is able to learn it. For a full list of which Pokémon can learn which TMs, check the TM section of your selected Pokémon here:  

Q: Where can I get TMs?

A: They are hidden in certain areas. More info here.  

Q: Which Moves are categorized under Physical/Special?

A: The Physical/Special split has been correctly implemented in PokeMMO. Therefore, a move's category is now dependent on the move itself and is displayed on it's info in-game.

Prior to the split, moves were classified based on the TYPE see table below;

Physical Special
Normal Water
Fighting Grass
Flying Fire
Ground Ice
Rock Electric
Bug Psychic
Ghost Dragon
Poison Dark

A useful way to remember this is as follows:

If a move type is the same type as an Eeveelution as of generation 5 (Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon) or Dragon type, then it is a 'Special' move. All other move types are classified as 'Physical'

For more info visit

Q: How do I Cut?

A: You must first have the Cascade Badge (Badge #2) from Misty in Cerulean City. You must have also taught the HM01 Cut to one of the Pokemon in your party. Finally, approach a Cuttable tree and press your "A" button, the "Z" button by default.  

Q: Where do I get HM02 Fly?

A: From the girl in the secret hideout on Route 16. Requires HM01 Cut to access.    


Q: How do I Fly?

A: You must first have the Thunder Badge (Badge #3) from Lieutenant Surge in Vermillion City. You must have also taught the HM02 Fly to one of the Pokemon in your party. Next, click on the "Bag" button at the bottom of your screen to open your inventory, and select the Key Items tab (looks like a fancy key). Use the Town Map and then select your destination using the Movement Keys and your "A" button or by clicking on the Fly symbol with your mouse cursor.

Q: How do I get HM03 Surf?

A: Reach the farthest area (Zone #4) in the Safari Zone and talk to the man inside the house.  

Q: How do I Surf?

A: You must first have the Soul Badge (Badge #5) from Koga in Fuchsia City. You must have also taught the HM03 Surf to one of the Pokemon in your party. Finally, approach water and press your "A" button, the "Z" button by default.  

Q: How do I use Strength?

A: You must first have the Rainbow Badge (Badge #4) from Erika in Celadon City. You must have also taught the HM04 Strength to one of the Pokemon in your party. Finally, approach a boulder and press your "A" button, the "Z" button by default. Now walk into the Boulder.  

Q: How do I get HM05 Flash

On the right side of Route 2, go inside the building furthest down. Talk to Oak's aide while having ten different pokemon species registered as 'owned' in your pokedex.  

Q: How do I use Flash?

A: You must first have the Boulder Badge (Badge #1) from Brock in Pewter City. You must have also taught the HM05 Flash to one of the Pokemon in your party. Finally, inside of a darkened cave right click your pokemon (that knows flash), go to the 'Moves' tab (4th tab), and click the 'Flash' move.

Q: How do I get HM06 Rock Smash

A: You can get it by talking to an old man in the ember spa.  

Q: How do I get HM07 Waterfall

A: HM07 Waterfall is found on Island 4, and is used to complete the Team Rocket storyline.  

Q: How do I jump?

A: Jumpeon is a myth created early in PokeMMO's life. Jumping is a graphical 'glitch' caused by a player moving through an impassible object on your screen that is not on their screen (ie a tree that was cut down, or a moved boulder).