The fully sick boys is a hardcore Pokémon team with emphasis on collaborative exploration of the PokéWorld.

This team is currently not recruiting, and exclusive membership is required.

The official residence of the team is located in Lavender Town.

Team hierarchy

Player Rank Role Area of expertise
AnusChamp Leader Superintendent [1] Psychic warfare
AshVader Officer Tactical Director [2] Water type Pokémon
CaptainRage Member Community Manager [3] Straight edge combat
Mickebaest Member Technical Expert [4] Diversion and attrition
SoftOlga Member PR/Event Executive Shock and awe


  • The fully sick boys are the sworn enemies of [RU]blyat boys.
  • Honorable member Mickebaest is also known as Magical Mike.
  • Is the only known clan to date to collect +700 Magikarps.