The following list mentions the items that are implemented or will be implemented in the future. It also lists the locations for said items. This is a Work in Progress.

Hold Items

Item Effect Location
Amulet Coin

+50% Pokébucks

West of Celadon City in the Gatehouse (40 Pokemon Required)

Black Belt +10% Power to Fighting-type moves Thief on NPC Fighting Pokemon
Blackglasses +10% Power to Dark-type moves Team Rocket Hideout
Charcoal +10% Power to Fire-type moves Celadon Game Corner (1,000 coins)
Choice Band +50% Attack but only allows use of the first selected move Hoenn NYI
Cleanse Tag Lowers encounter rate (currently no effect) Pokemon Tower (Ability Not Implemented)
Deepseascale +100% Special Defense to Clamperl and causes Clamperl to evolve into Gorebyss when traded Hoenn NYI
Deepseatooth +100% Special Attack to Clamperl and causes Clamperl to evolve into Huntail when traded Hoenn NYI
Dragon Fang +10% Power to Dragon-type moves Wild Dragonair (5%)
Dragon Scale Causes Seadra to evolve into Kingdra when traded Wild Dratini & Bagon (5%), Water Path
Everstone Prevents a Pokémon from evolving Rock Tunnel PokeCenter (20 Pokemon Required)
EXP Share 50% of Experience from battles goes to the holder East of Fuschia in the Gatehouse (50 Pokemon Required)
Focus Band 10% chance holder will survive a killing blow with 1HP Wild Machoke (5%)
Hard Stone +10% Power to Rock-type moves Wild Graveler, Onix, & Aron (5%)
King's Rock 10% chance target of damaging move will flinch and causes both Poliwhirl to evolve into Politoed and Slowpoke to evolve into Slowking when traded Wild Poliwhirl & Slowbro, Sevault Canyon
Lax Incense +10% Evasion Lost Cave
Leftovers Restores 1/16 of Max HP (rounded down) each turn Snorlax Spot - Use Itemfinder
Light Ball +100% Attack and Special Attack of Pikachu Wild Pikachu (5%)
Lucky Egg +50% Experience Wild Chansey (5%)
Lucky Punch Increases critical hit ratio of Chansey by two stages Sevault Canyon
Macho Brace +100% EVs gained by holder and -50% Speed Viridian Gym in Giovanni's Spot - Use Itemfinder
Magnet  +10 Power to Electric-type moves Wild Magneton (5%)
Mental Herb Removes the effects of infatuation, Taunt, Encore, Torment, Disable, and Cursed Body and consumed after use Hoenn NYI
Metal Coat +10% Power to Steel-type moves and causes both Onix to evolve into Steelix and Scyther to evolve into Scizor when traded Wild Magnemite (5%), Memorial Pillar
Metal Powder +50% Defense and Special Defense of Ditto when not transformed Wild Ditto (5%)
Miracle Seed +10% Power to Grass-type moves Celadon Game Corner (1,000 coins)
Mystic Water +10% Power to Water-type moves Celadon Game Corner (1,000 coins)
Nevermeltice +10% Power to Ice-type moves Icefall Cave
Poison Barb +10% Power to Poison-type moves Wild Arbok (5%)
Quick Claw +20% chance of holder going first in its priority bracket Safari Zone
Scope Lens Increases holder's critical hit ratio by one stage Hoenn NYI
Sea Incense +10% Power to Water-type moves and causes Marill and Azumarill to produce an Azurill Egg at the Day Care Lost Cave
Sharp Beak +10% Power to Flying-type moves Wild Fearow & Skarmory (5%)
Shell Bell Restores 1/8 of damage done by holder as HP (rounding down) Hoenn NYI
Silk Scarf +10% Power to Normal-type moves Lost Cave
Silverpowder +10% Power to Bug-type moves Wild Venomoth (5%)
Smoke Ball Allows definite escape from wild Pokémon Celadon Game Corner (1,000 coins)
Soft Sand +10% Power to Ground-type moves Wild Sandslash (5%)
Soothe Bell +100% Happiness gained by a Pokémon Pokemon Tower in Mr. Fuji's Spot - Use Itemfinder
Soul Dew +50% Special Attack and Special Defense of Latios or Latias Hoenn NYI
Spell Tag +10% Power to Ghost-type moves Wild Haunter, Duskull, & Shuppet (5%)
Stick Increases critical hit ratio of Farfetch'd by two stages NPC Trade Farfetch'd
Thick Club +100% Attack of Cubone or Marowak Wild Cubone & Marowak (5%)
Twistedspoon +10% Power to Psychic-type moves Wild Abra & Kadabra (5%)
White Herb Removes any negative stat changes to holder and consumed after use Hoenn NYI

Key Items

Item Location
Aurora Ticket Currently Not Implemented
Berry Bag Section in Bag by default
Bike Exchange Bike Voucher at he Cerulean Bike Shop
Bike Voucher Vermillion City - Pokemon Fanclub
Card Key Silph Co. Floor 5
Coin Case Celadon Cafe
Dome Fossil Mt. Moon (left)
Fame Checker Currently Not Implemented
Gold Teeth Safari Zone
Good Rod Fuschia City
Helix Fossil Mt. Moon (right)
Itemfinder Route 12 in the Gatehouse
Lift Key Rocket Hideout
Mystery Ticket Currently Not Implemented
Oak's Parcel Viridian PokeMart
Old Amber Pewter City Museum
Old Rod Vermillion City
Pokeflute Mr. Fuji - Lavender Town
Rainbow Pass Island 1 after Elite Four
Ruby Mt. Ember
Sapphire Island 5 Rocket Warehouse
Secret Key Cinnibar Mansion Basement
Silph Scope Celadon Rocket Hideout
SS Ticket Bill's House - North of Cerulean City
Super Rod Route 12
Tea Celadon Mansion - Talk to the Old Woman
Teachy TV Currently Not Implemented
TM Case Section in Bag by default
Town Map Daisy in Pallet Town
Tri Pass Island 1 
VS Seeker Vermillion PokeCenter - Talk to the Cool Trainer


Item Location
Calcium Celadon Dept. Store, Cerulean City, Rocket Hideout, Silph Co., Cinnibar Mansion
Carbos Celadon Dept. Store, Cerulean City, Silph Co., Cinnibar Mansion, Summit Path
HP Up Celadon Dept. Store, Celadon City, Silph Co., Cinnibar Mansion, Island 6
Iron Celadon Dept. Store, Celadon City, Silph Co., Cinnibar Mansion, Route 12
PP Max Celadon City, Island 2
PP Up Cerulean City, Water Path, Cerulean Cave
Protein Celadon Dept. Store, Cerulean City, Silph Co., Safari Zone, Cinnibar Mansion
Rare Candy Mt. Moon, Pokemon Tower, Rocket Hideout, Silph Co., Fuschia City, Victory Road, Lost Cave
Zinc Celadon Dept. Store, Cerulean City, Silph Co., Cinnibar Mansion, Island 3

Battle Items

Item Location
Dire Hit Celadon Dept. Store, Mt. Ember (Ability Not Implemented)
Guard Spec Celadon Dept. Store, Victory Road (Ability Not Implemented)
X Accuracy Celadon Dept. Store, Pokemon Tower (Ability Not Implemented)
X Attack Celadon Dept. Store, S.S. Anne (Ability Not Implemented)
X Defend Celadon Dept. Store, Route 11 (Ability Not Implemented)
X Special Celadon Dept. Store, Silph Co. (Ability Not Implemented)
X Speed

Celadon Dept. Store, Rocket Hideout


Item Location
Dragon Scale Wild Bagon & Dratini (5%)
Fire Stone Celadon Dept. Store
King's Rock Sevault Canyon, Wild Poliwhirl & Slowbro (5%)
Leaf Stone Celadon Dept. Store, Safari Zone
Metal Coat Memorial Pillar, Wild Magnemite (5%)
Moon Stone Mt. Moon, Rocket Hideout, Wild Clefairy (5%)
Sun Stone Ruin Valley
Thunderstone Celadon Dept. Store, Power Plant
Up-Grade Rocket Warehouse
Water Stone Celadon Dept. Store, Seafoam Islands


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