We are Kiane Wolves, a team who helps those who need it, talk socially whenever is possible and trade pokemon constantly to those who need it

Kiane Wolves is split into 3 teams

The main KianeWolves run by Rosstapher

KianeCommandos run by MissVodka

KianePirates run by DyingWill

Official channel: Channel 3

Official Hangout/Headquarters: Soon to be decided.

Anyone and everyone can join despite of where they are up to in the overall storyline


Made at May the 5th KianeWolves was sparked by myself (Rosstapher) from collecting a party of 6 pokemon that all had similarities to dogs/wolves and with the help of Goldyyy our ex-right hand man who unfortunately left due to lack of empathy, we started the Team with the hopes of giving every single new member a dog-like starter, being either a houndor, growlithe of vulpix in which they had the choice to do anything with and still hasn't failed this now.

the 3 teams we have split into include KianeWolves who help people with their first steps to completing the elite 4 and also recruiting new members to join us, KianeCommandos is there to give any information or general help to people who have been playing over a while as MissVodka has a high extent of knowledge around pokemon (Professional Googling) and KianePirates that collect Pokémon for trading and pokemon to give to new members, usually those who have defeated the elite 4.