Knights of the Blood Oath [KOBO] Is a guild of trainers in PokéMMO

Who is KOBO?

KOBO was founded by Asaous who soon recruited a few friends to join with Cytuss as Head Officer, they were soon joined by Dylanrea and lilkyle and began training...

What do KOBO do?

KOBO are usually found in Channel 8 wandering Kanto and training and catching new pokémon....

Who are the members of KOBO?

Asaous (Leader)- Asaous is usually found with Cytuss and is generally never without Cy, Asaous specialises in Dragon and Fire type pokémon

Cytuss (Co-Leader or Comanding Officer)- Cy as mentioned before is hardly ever seen without Asaous, Cytuss specialises in Cute Pokémon...

DylanRea (Member)- One of the most inactive players, Dylan specialises in No general types

lilkyle (Member)- kyle is another one of the inactive players but appears from time to time, kyle specialises in No general types

Where can I find the members of KOBO?

Anywhere! They could be anywhere in Kanto!

What if I want to be a member of KOBO?

Find Asaous and ask, they could be looking for new members at any time...Asaous shouldn't be hard to find as he is usually found by the Pokemon League, Four Island Daycare, the first floor of the Pokemon Tower or the Safari Zone....