PokeMMO Maintains an official TeamSpeak Server where Teams from in-game gather to discuss various topics. This TeamSpeak is operated and moderated by the PokeMMO Staff

Team Channels

PokeMMO Teams are allowed to have Team Channels on the TeamSpeak server which can only be accessed via Password.

Teams can hence create sub-channels for various purposes within their channel.

Application for a PokeMMO TeamSpeak team channel can be applied for on the specific page on forums:


Your team must:

  • Have had a Round Table thread for at least a week as of the time you post.
  • Have 5 or more members.
  • Use the channel regularly after its creation.

Rules and Moderation

This server is strictly moderated by the PokeMMO Staff.

The Rules as stated must be followed on the TeamSpeak

Teamspeak Rules:

  • Lobby is for PokeMMO Discussion Only - Use Off Topic for anything else. (Lobby will be moderated by staff).
  • Do not request or distribute copyrighted material - We do not supply copyrighted materials (such as illegal ROMs).
  • Do not Impersonate PokeMMO Staff - Violators will be banned.
  • No racism, sexism, or harassment - Violators will be muted or kicked from teamspeak, if done repeatedly a global mute to permanent ban is possible.
  • No advertising - Violators will be global muted and later banned.
  • No spam or flaming - Violators will be muted or temporarily banned.
  • Mature content - Avoid sharing pornography or things that may offend people.
  • Use appropriate channel names - Staff members will ask that you change the name, if you ignore their request, the channel will be deleted and you will be flagged, resulting in removal of channel privileges.
  • Unban Requests - If you are banned, contact Squirtle.
  • Unmute \ Unflag Requests - If you are muted \ flagged by a staff member, please contact that staff member via the forums before anyone else. This is only if you are Muted or Flagged as a Server Group. Channel Groups do not apply.