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Pokemon Justice
Team leader(s):Tuxtront
Date established:10/11/12
In-game channel(s):1
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About Us and our Illiteracy

Pokemon Justice Team is a group specialisng in dealing with humans who mistreat pokémon of all kinds. Pokémon are their top priorit.y. To protect them, they wiill be go beyond any limitations.

"Its time to change the world; to deete everything in our quest for progressin to create a free, just world."

Pokemon Justice Team Leader


Founder and members

We understand that you probably want to know who is part of this team, but sometimes we must to work out of the law. So nobody out of the team can know the name of our members and leaders.

Current Base of Operations

Our current base is a secret BUT you can find some members nearby Rock Tunnel .


We are gla you want to be part of our team. You only need passion and love to pokemons, no m


  • Part of our vision for a new Pokemon World, includes that we must to be powerful to make this change. We help to our members to gain more experience in battle, strength and attack that are the factors that give us the victory in each combat. We have a Gymn where you can training with other members and be a better trainer.