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Pokemon Rangers
Pokemon Rangers Male
Team leader(s):Alpaca
Date established:11/10/2012
In-game channel(s):
Forum topic:link

The Pokemon Rangersis was established on October 11th, 2012 by forum username "Alpaca" who continues to run the guild today. The Pokemon Rangers are a free to all, no requirement guild for people of all ages to join. The guild currently supports 20+ members and growing, and also takes parts in community tournaments and events. Additions and changes are constantly being made which is intended to improve the members experience.      

Pokemon Rangers Male Blue

Official Pokemon Rangers Signature

The guild currently uses Team Speak, Skype, and a Tumblr account to make sure that everyone knows what is happening and when at all times.    

Latest News
Friday 10/19/12: New alliance with Team Mantra!
Monday 10/15/12: Ragistration for Unofficial Guild Tournament closed!
Saturday 10/13/12: Team Speak guild channel is now up and ready for use!
Alpaca Captain
KAMIKAZEE007 Sergeant
BallisticBoomer Sergeant
thenetwork Ranger First Class
0wenee Ranger First Class
Pikafan Ranger First Class
TBF Ranger First Class
DamienDisaster Ranger First Class
TheAnt Ranger First Class
Dickberry Ranger First Class
ATalentedDude Ranger First Class
Dangerousfart Ranger First Class
Murder Ranger First Class
KiyoriMichiru Ranger First Class
Pukubaker Ranger First Class
ShinyUmbreon Ranger First Class
Spurven Ranger First Class
erockman Ranger First Class
Actarus Ranger
AntiShinyRanger Ranger
wolvenkaas Ranger
DarkheartSC2 Ranger
Northrn Ranger
dcdusty33 Ranger
DashSmashLps Ranger
RoanRhal Ranger
Riachufan Ranger
Zona Ranger
StarMaster67 Ranger
TigersEye24 Ranger
RizTheWiz Ranger
Eli Ranger
Raser Ranger
roky Ranger
Guild Ranking System

Guild ranking system with rank insignia


Our guild features a ranking system to keep things organized amungst the members. Ranks are based off of U.S. Army military ranks. Starting from "Ranger" and going to "1st Lieutenant" being the last acheivable rank by any member. Certain qualities and traits are looked for in each member to gain certain ranks. Each rank can only be gained once all requirements are met and each previous rank has been acheived (excluding Ranger First Class)
Special Titles are given to people who helped comtribute to the guild in specific ways and gain special attention.



Pokemon Event Logo


Every Weekend, thats right EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, Pokemon Ranger and Team Mantra members will be allowed to participate in in-guild pokemon battles to aquire Ribbon Ranks or RR for short (RR might not be availabe for Team Mantra only members). Each weekend signifies a different style of tournament, those style and rules are as follows:

Single Tournament Rules (Weekend #1) Team Tournament Rules (Weekend #2)
Level 50 Pokemon cap Level 50 Pokemon cap
Species Clause: No more than 1 of the same Pokemon Species Clause: No more than 1 of the same Pokemon
Sleep Clause: Only 1 opponents Pokemon can be put to sleep at a time Sleep Clause: Only 1 opponents Pokemon can be put to sleep at a time
Item Clause: No items allowed - Held Items (Excluding Leftovers) allowed Item Clause: No items allowed - Held Items (Excluding Leftovers) allowed
Parties of 6 Pokemon Parties of 3 Pokemon
1 vs.1 Winner advances 2 vs. 2 Winners advance
Prize: +1 Ribbon Rank Prize: +2 Ribbon Rank, Kings Rock
High-Stakes Single Tournament Rules (Weekend #3) High-Stakes Team Tournament Rules (Weekend #4)
Level 100 Pokemon cap Level 100 Pokemon cap
Parties of 6 Pokemon Parties of 3 Pokemon
1 vs.1 Winner advances 2 vs.2, Winners advance
Prize: +3 Ribbon Rank, Lucky Egg Prize: +4 Ribbon Rank, Metal Coat


Other Rules:

    • Team Speak is free and you do not have to verbally speak if you choose not too, if you need assistance setting it up message me on the forums.
  • Sign-ups must be sent in no later then 1 day in advance
  • If you do not show up to the compitition when youre battle is up it is considered a loss and you will not be rufunded (in terms of entance fees)
  • No Broken Moves
    • However anything goes for High Stakes tournaments, "Broken" and "Banned" moves are allowed

Other Information:

  • Saturday/Sunday
    • Default on Saturday but if a lot of people are going to be busy it will be changed to Sunday
  • Time: 2:00 pm EST: New York (Convert Here)
  • If you have any other questions let me know


Ribbon Ranks:

Ribbon ranks are a way to keep track of your score. If you win you go up in rank, but if you lose you DO NOT go down in rank.

Ribbon Ranks  

Important: Things might be added, removed, and/or modified. If you have suggestions of how this can be a more pleasant experience for everyone please tell me I am open to constructive criticism.

Player Teams?

Research Teams:
The Prøfessors, Team Mystic, Team Instinct, Team Valor

Competitive Teams:
None currently listed.?

Social Teams:
None currently listed.?

Breeding Teams:
None currently listed.?

Grinding Teams:
None currently listed.?

Criminal Teams:
None currently listed.?

Collector Teams:
None currently listed.?