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The Spooky Pokémon event is an event currently being held in PokéMMO during the month of October, to celebrate Halloween. The event began on the update of 08/10/12. The official description of the event, as seen in the changelog, reads "Spooky monsters from other lands have begun showing up in the wild in Kanto for the duration of October."

The event adds a number of Pokémon not normally found in the Kanto region. These Pokémon are as follows;

  • Hoothoot (Route 8 and other routes)
  • Cacnea (Route 6,7 and 15, found to be holding Poison Barb)
  • Carvanha (Route 21, found to be holding Deep Sea Tooth)
  • Sableye (Pokémon Tower)
  • Duskull (Pokémon Tower)
  • Shuppet (Pokémon Tower)

In addition, two more Pokémon were secretly added in the subsequent 20/10/12 update;

  • Poochyena (Route 7 and Pokémon Mansion)
  • Houndour (Route 7 and Pokémon Mansion)

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