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Team leader(s):blakFYR
Date established:04/09/2012
In-game channel(s):
Forum topic:link

Team ALPHA is a limited membership guild in PokeMMO led by the forum user blakFYR. Team ALPHA, commonly abbreviated to just ALPHA was created September 4th, 2012. Team ALPHA is admined by forum user PacMan, and is also currently seeking a second admin.


Team ALPHA is a limited membership guild, allowing a current maximum of only 20 members. On the official topic for the group, it is said this number is said to be changed, as the demand needs. However, at the moment, this number is static and will not be changed anytime soon. Currently, Team ALPHA has reached seven members, and is currently recruiting.


Team ALPHA was created on September 4th, 2012. Soon after the thread was created, current admin PacMan joined, and later, former admin EXYTEX. EXYTEX left ALPHA soon after to form another guild. PacMan was promoted from member to admin. Eventually, members began to pour into Team ALPHA. The group quickly grew to ten members. However, Team ALPHA stresses being active and social, so many members we're either denied entry, or cut from the guild completely. Since then, forum users KairoFujima and 0wenee have been Team ALPHA's second admins, but both were dropped for various reasons, leaving ALPHA where it is today.

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The Prøfessors, Team Mystic, Team Instinct, Team Valor

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