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Team Blackoutt
Team Blackoutt
Team leader(s):DigiTwitch
Date established:2013-08-01
In-game channel(s):1
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Welcome Recruit!

Welcome to the Official PokeMMO Wikia Page for Team Blackoutt! This site will tell you everything you need to know about our Team! We are a group of the finest trainers in this game, however we are willing to recruit even the weakest of trainers, as our aim is to help the indiviual grow, and then they in turn will contribute to the team! Please enjoy your time on our PokeMMO Wikia Page and please try and get in contact with any of the people you see listed at the bottom of this page if you wish to join us, and remember, we are here to help you, so you can help us!

We do not have a fully clear dream or ambition as of yet, however we hope as time goes on and we get more recruits we can start to realise our team's potential and dream! Also, we want you to be a part of it!

Also head to our YouTube Channel to get more news and updates regarding the team!

When Was Team Blackoutt Founded? And Who By?

Team Blackoutt was founded by DigiTwitch and Cheeseyguy, who are now Leader and 2nd In Command respectively, on Thursday 1st June 2013. We now have roughly 30 members, some of whom are the strongest in the world of PokeMMO.

What's The Meaning Behind "Blackoutt"?

The name refers to the dark-type bias this team may have, and also has a deeper symbolization. It referrs to how people struggled during the war and in blackout's, but how they coped and managed to become resilient and strong, and not afraid. Our team personifies that in one sense of the word in that we to are tough, resilient, strong, and not afraid.

Where Are We Located in the World of PokeMMO?

Due to recent circumstances we have had to relocate the official HQ of Team Blackoutt, we can now be found on the 9th Floor of the Silph Co. Building in Saffron City on Channel 1. The reason for this is because it is the highest floor in the building that does not have many NPC's on it just as long as you have beatan Giovanni on the top floor, it is a big area to satisy all recruits, it contains a healing area, and there is no need for using those transporter panels that take you all around the building, just simply get in the elevator and go to Floor 9.

The Rules

  • Any bullying or actions that may offend or annoy people will not be tolerated.
  • You must have one dark type on you at all times. If you are a recruit, don't worry about it but in future it must be done.
  • You may wear cool looking black stuff such as tuxedos and sunglasses.
  • Have fun!

If there are any disputes or any incidents where someone has been offended, please report to an officer and they will try and deal with the situation as soon as possible. If a situation escalates out of control, then do not be surprised if people are removed from the team, as we want everyone to be able to co-operate in an environment that everyone can enjoy. There have been incidents in the past where people have been kicked or have left due to these circumstances, but we ask that you report anything to officers and we will be there to help!

The Leader, Officers and Recruits!

This section is dedicated to informing you about who is in Team Blackoutt, all the way from the newest recruit, to the head of Team Blackoutt's hierarchy, the Leader himself!

Leader/Commander: DigiTwitch (Who has a certain leaning towards Dragon types)

Joint Second In Command: Cheeseyguy (You'll need to talk to this guy if you want to speak to the boss!) & Derrikk

Third In Command: xXbobswaggzXx

Other Positions Within The Ranks Of The Officers:

Head Of Recruitment: MrPikachuGames


Head Of Foreign Relations

Head Of Tournaments

More postions to become available in the near future.

Officers: EllyoneCZE, Gekson, Diannagron, Bobswagz, swfsa, Riyley,

Members: Chaosimmortal, PHFat, TyphoonDoesGames, Lilbiddy, Jasperx, Flaazer, DragonXarka, Zerosaber, Hansyu, xXAnnieXx, NotReallyThere, OmishPr0n, jempie, Seigreid, Czhelsea, austinDAunicorn, alexanderadwan, BlackyJ, MGXDiggs, Taivon, KaiKhorovo, Dairax, Zekeeee, TenDeep, QuinKing, xXbobswaggzXx, Jessnie, dogdudezz, soullessbutcher,

Please get in contact with any of the above and we hope you do join us!


  • Team Blackoutt has since disbanded in late 2013.

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