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Team Bushido
Team leader(s):kloneman
Date established:11th November 2012
In-game channel(s):7
Forum topic:link

Pokemmo bushido by hyde9318-d5r7dwc

Bushido banner, created by Hyde.

Bushido is full of Klonemans BFF's.  It was founded by Evesa on November 11, 2012, and continues to the present day; now led by Lios. Originally representing the values of its predecessor Team Ebrill ("Diversity, Maturity, Community"), Bushido has since evolved to represent the seven ways of the warrior: Righteousness義.  Courage勇氣.  Benevolence仁.  Respect禮.  Honesty誠.  Honor名誉.  Loyalty忠義.


Started by Evesa on the 11th of November 2012, before the guild started Evesa and kloneman were in a team called Pokemon Ebrill, they held similar values to that of Bushido and the team was led by Hurst. When Hurst had become inactive, Evesa took it upon himself to start a new team with fellow Ebrill team member Izun. This is when Bushido was born. kloneman was hesitant at first about joining this new team, but quickly changed his mind and signed up the next day. The first week was slow as the team function had not yet been implemented so it was hard to contact other members in the team, so they had to try and organize meeting times using the Bushido thread. Luckily a couple of weeks later the team function was implemented and this was the start of a bright future for Bushido. So Evesa, kloneman, Izun and thekoon were settling down in their newly formed in-game team, it was a simple time and everyone was enjoying themselves. A few days later IslamLies joined the team and quickly gained popularity with his PokeMMO based comics which he would post on a regular basis. It wasn't long before Islam and Klone quickly rose to the rank of Officer, the real recruitment then started, Bushido advertised themselves anywhere they could, both in game and on the forums. The member list steadily began growing, and as November was coming to an end, a certain member called Lucas had joined the team. He provided hours of entertainment for the whole team, and soon became officer along side Islam and Klone. At the beginning of December, members began to drop, co-founder Izun had become inactive and many other members had to be kicked for their inactivity. We began to loose hope, we thought that it was the end for Bushido, then just as Evesa was considering closing the team, a surge of applications were coming through and this brought forward many of our long term members. Those members were: MishaPrime, Kimikozen, RaichuFTW, TheHamburglar, Demonpoet, Confucius, ExtremeNova, TheKorean and Iwinosa(lol) .

December was full of many good times and bad times, but no matter what happened, we still stuck together through it all. The events during december included, kloneman getting banned on the forums, RaichuFTW falling out with MishaPrime, Islam finally completing his comics based on Bushido.

Then Janurary hit, it was a new year and the start of a bright future for Bushido, more members started to pour in, this included: ShadowBoxer, Slowbruh, Spoonything, xMannyG, Flippar, CrypticOne, Rawbin, Dirkie and Spxter.

Many things happened during this time, after a argument between Spoony, Misha, RaiFTW and Lucas, tension had risen, 2 members left temporarily and one was kicked for bad behaviour. kloneman thought it was the end for his team, but his team mates convinced him to hang on. After everything had settled down, Bushido started to get in to the competitive scene and started holding events every friday for the whole team to enjoy. During this time many other events had occured such as: ShadowBoxer and Spoonything creating their own GUI, Kimikozen and RaichuFTW getting promoted to Officer and the boredom era where the old members of Bushido strayed away from PokeMMO to play other games. Near the end of Janurary, the member list was being cleaned out and the team started to notice the great deal of inactivity. As Feburary approached the team had pretty much lost all hope and the 4 main officers (Kimikozen, Lucas, RaichuFTW and kloneman) had left the team, they then formed a new team with the last surviving members. Although after a few words of wisdom from IslamLies, they had changed their minds and had rejoined Bushido again. IslamLies didn't want anything like this to happen again so he made sure to keep spirits alive as much as possible. Many great members joined during this time including, Sonicdash, xJSx, Bradleyho, TWDaryl, Arezzo and Oxygen.

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Bushido was revived as KOBS in 2016, becoming very successful with a massive influx of members at the very start. One of them, Suneet, is a god

Useful Facts

Bushido's most senior members are as follows: Kloneman, Evesa, IslamLies, Raichufan, TheKoon, RaichuFTW, xMannyG, DemonPoet, TheHamburglar, Kimikozen, ShadowBoxer, Spoonything, Dirkie and Spxter.  However, the list continues to grow with new members such as: Hizkijah, Suiseisekii, ShinyChanseyX, and many more are staying for the long-term.

The Bushido forum page can be found under the Round Table section of the PokeMMO Forums website.

Bushido's signature channel is 8, and the clan base is located in Mt. Moon Pokemon Center, on the second floor.

Because of real-life time constraints, members agree that they shouldn't have to be on all at once, except during Fridays.  Team events typically happen at 5:00, EST, and there are usually prizes for the winner.

Bushido has now spread to other games and forums, such as Minecraft.

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