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Caslte Oblivion: [XKey] was founded by their Leader XemnasXIII on April 9th, 2013.

The objective was simple, to study the hearts of Pokemon and how in connection with the human heart could release or hinder their potential.


XemnasXIII having unlocked the potential of his Charmander named Axel decided to recruit Zexi to take on the task of studying, breeding, capturing, these creatures known as Pokemon to see how their powers and abilities could aid them in their goals.

Goals of Castle Oblivion

Each member is to raise their pokemon in their own personal ways. The ultimate goal is to gather intel and give a weekly report of their progress. Reports can range from simple, to extreme detail varying from the types of Pokemon they like, those they do not, notes on the Pokemons personality, and how well they fair in battle. The amount of detail is determined by the member and will be evalutated and published for all to see.

Should a member choose not to make a report, they must periodically battle the Leader of the Organization for him to ascess their progress.

[Note to members, Reports dont have to /exactly/ follow the storyline of the game. Feel free to add battles, pokemon, events etc. to make things interesting and fun.]


XemnasXIII has two Officers that aid him in his research of Pokemon.

Zexi, and TrillianCinder

Members generally gather on Channel 8, but are free to roam as they wish. XemnasXIII and Zexi are usually found together, just ask any of them and they will add at their own discretion.

Team Members

XemnasXIII, Zexii, TrillianCinder, MasterChode, XionTheNobody, BlueJayOnToast, Appers,

Xemnas Reports

Xemnas Report I

Xemnas Report II

Xemnas Report III

Xemnas Report IV

Trillian Reports

Trillian Report I

Trillian Report II