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Team Chuckie
Team leader(s):Chuckie/Skeletor
Date established:October 12, 2012
In-game channel(s):not specified
Forum topic:[no link]

Team Chuckie, also known as tem chookie, is one of the most exclusive and prestigious guilds known to the PokeMMO community. The memberlist is a complete mystery to common plebian PokeMMO players, however it is known that "Chuckie" is the leader/founder/president/lead sempai of the guild. Skeletor is also part of Team Chuckie, being that he is also Chuckie as determined by his birth certificate .

The founding tenents of Team Chuckie are as follows: "If you aren't Chuckie, you suck!" and "Helping shit-tier PokeMMO players achieve their dreams from 2012 to 2012".  

As this team is so shrouded in mystery, this is the only information that can be dredged up at this time.

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