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Team leader(s):Mewsta
Date established:2013 (Rebooted 6/10/2014)
In-game channel(s):6
Forum topic:[no link]

Team Hikari is an in game team based in australia that is built on the foundation of chatting and support, but doesn't mind the occaisional battle or trade session. Team Hikari is on channel 6 most of the time.

Requirements to join:

1. You must have 4+ badges (unless stated otherwise by executive or boss)

2. You must be in Australia or at least have a similar timezone

3. No innapropriate names


1. Higher ranks > Lower ranks. If you are being picked up on about rules by higher member, you listen unless you believe they are wrong.

2. Meetings are generally officer +. Discussions are for everyone.

3. Help the newer members to feel welcome, and give advice to people who are stuck on a gym.

Misc info:

Mascot Pokemon: Mew

Preferred type: Psychic (You do not need to have a psychic follower (or even party member) to join)

Meeting Area: Cinnabar Lab

Leaders: Boss: Mewsta

Executives: ToxicDusk


Player Teams?

Research Teams:
The Prøfessors, Team Mystic, Team Instinct, Team Valor

Competitive Teams:
None currently listed.?

Social Teams:
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None currently listed.?

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None currently listed.?

Criminal Teams:
None currently listed.?

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