Created by SirMetalKing, LoopyKun, Kirby and RhysA, Team Missile is a growing competitive team with Pokemon Masters around the world including England, America and Portugal.

As of now they are not recruiting.

History of the Team

The team can be traced back to a server on Minecraft, they have mostly talked on teamspeak for the past two years. Usuallly getting in rowls with eachother. 

SirMetalKing found PokeMMO in December 2012. He told the rest of the clan on teamspeak about it and they all came to try it out. First was LoopyKun, current officer along with Kirby and RhysA. King and Rhys originally came up with the idea to have a team and so, after many hours of choosing a perfect team name. It was Team Missile VS Team Nuclear War Head. They picked Team Missile mostly for simplicity. And so Team Missile was born. They are now currently beating the Elite 4.

Members and Their Pokemon Bio's


Sir Metal's Trainer Card

SirMetalKing is a 13 year old with a attitude. He started playing Pokemon 3 years ago when he decided to get Pokemon Soulsilver. Since he picked Totodile as his first Pokemon... He considers himself a Water master along with a Flying master for going straight to Pidgey. Although his Pokemon in PokeMMO are some of the lowest in the team, he still finds a way to beat the opposition. 

LoopyKun is a very old Pokemon fan starting with Red and reading the manga. His method of training is to only have one Pokemon mostly through the game until Victory Road. His Blastoise was his first Pokemon which almost single handedly beat the Pokemon League. He has the highest level in the team and was the first to beat the Elite 4 and 'Poop' as he calls Gary.

Kirby is a chap with a sort fuse just ready to explode in your face.When he started he got a Teddiursa and called it one of the funniest nicknames. A fucking bear. With the help of Loopy, he was able to take on the Elite 4 fast and finally beat them. His Pokemon are around level 50 and he is currently training up his Eevee. 

Pokemon Card

RhysA is a rising star in the team. Although he was the third in the team to beat the Elite Four, he probably has the best variety of Pokemon on the team. In other words, you wouldn't want to run into him in a dark ally!

JagMaz is a friendly guy when it comes to social stuff but when you see him in battle, you know that your gonna be blown away by his team! Although he has the weakest Pokemon in the team, he will be one to look out for in the future!

Secret Revenge

Due to SirMetalKing not leveling up his Pokemon, Loopy, Kirby and Rhys consulting amongst themselves deciding wheter to or not quit the team and set up a rival team. They decided aganist it for unknown reasons.

Friendly Rivalry against Team Epos

Team Epos consists of EposVox and Chu, two youtubers who put out gaming videos and make PokeMMO videos. In March of 2013, SirMetalKing began watching these two's videos and recommended them to Rhys. King and Rhys were both impressed and was easily able to talk to. King has done several trades with Epos, the biggest one being that King gave Epos his recently caught Magmar after the episode "PokeMMO - Where's Magmar?! (Co-Op Part 41)" King battled Epos and he lost to him, the video is up on Youtube. There is also rumors about King attepmting to do a bit of Roll Playing with they're two teams where Team Epos much defeat Team Missile in a Red vs Team Rocket style.