Team poep stands for party of elite pokemon and allows only the greatest trainers in all of Kanto. They are still a small organisation only known in Kanto but will soon spread to Hoenn to defend their honor as the 

Team poep logo

Team poep logo

greatest pokemon team ever. Team poep will soon depart to that region to challenge the two ruling teams there for the title of best team  ever.


There are Three trainers in Team poep

1st Hybride: The member of the team with the highest level and a devastating tyranitar who has crushed any who opposed it.

2nd Mr9num: A very experienced trainer who has experienced pokemon for many years and knows every secret of it. His most remarkable party member is his fully trained event only noctowl.

3rd Gornoxio: The founder of Team poep and a great trainer. he especially shines in the training of ghost and psychic pokemon and can defeat any foe with very great power and nasty tricks.


Gornoxio founded this Team with three friends  for one reasons: to become the very best. And team poep has proven themself a worthy all around pokemon team with strong and experienced trainers in it.