Team Sleep Talk

Welcome to Team Sleep Talk.

We use the power of sleep to troll others

Our channel is 2 but it will soon fall into an endless sleep


To be a key  member involved in the tournaments you must have at

least 3 pokemon that can use either;

sing, sleep powder, hypnosis, yawn, spore, rest

If one of these pokemon are required ask the leader or one of the officers.

Pokemon that can be handed out by the officers include;

bellsprout, oddish, paras and caterpie's evolutions.

Pokemon that can be handed out by the leader include;

all of the above, jigglypuff, gastly, slakoth, shroomish, slowpoke, dunsparce, slugma and drowzee.


founder/leader: crazychipmunk

officers: Slavemurderer, mrRoflol, munnsy

members: only a few but recruiting

Team Tournaments

Sleeptalk vs Thunderpunch @ Pokemon Tower. Tuesday 11/06/13

Rival teams

Our only current rival team is team thunderpunch