Charmada War Begins

This is what the battleground looked like.

This event was held on September 14th, 2012

The Blockade of the Viridian-Indigo Pass

On September 14th, a Charizard blockade was started ar the Viridian Mountian Range by Quill, ZebraMan, Darwin, Kontinue, and Zehkar. All of a sudden, a trainer with a Blastoise tried to pass the blockade, and was stopped. More reinforcements were made to the Charizard blockade as more Blastoise trainers whowed up to break the blockade.

The Battle: Charmada v. Blastarmy

8 Charizards were battling against 8 Blastoise during this great war, with constant additions as the numbers began to dwindle. Eventually, a lone Venusaur found its way into the middle of the battleground, and stayed idle throughout the entire war.

Hiring a spy

Eventually, the Blastarmy got a lone spy through the Charmada barrier. USNBruno stayed behind the wall in order to gather intel for the Blastarmy. He was quickly discovered within 10 minutes by the troops of the Charmada, and hired as a double agent.

Charmada War

A spy made it through!

The numbers dwindle

Eventually, the Blastarmy was down to only 3 Blastoise. The Charmada, even though at a type disadvantage, sucessfully drove off the Blastarmy.


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