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The Elemental League
Team leader(s):Tylerozug
Date established:27/10/12
In-game channel(s):2
Forum topic:[no link]

The guild was founded in October 27th, 2012 by Tylerozug.

Official Guild Headquarters

Current Location:Edit

Professor Oak's Lab, Channel 2

Ds608G (1)

biggest house in pallet town

Guild Infrastructure

The guild is composed of 4 legions. Each section is composed by the starter pokemon you choose.

Each legion will be organized based upon ranks. there shall be a total of 7 ranks, ranging from:

1st Rank- Recruite

2nd Rank- private

3rd Rank- corporal

4th Rank- segeant

5th Rank- warrant officer

6th Rank''lieutenant

7th Rank- captain

8th rank- General

9th- Legion leader

These can be earned simply by beating gyms for the most part, but that depends on your legion leader(there can only be one legion leader per sector).

List of Legions

Spr 3f 001


Leaf Green

Pokemon type: Bulbasaur and evolutions

Leader: Tylerozug

Spr 3f 004


Fire Red

pokemon type: Charmander and evolutions

Leader: marquiseburks

Spr 3f 007


Ocean Blue

pokemon type:Squartle and evolutions


Spr 3f 025


Thunder Yellow

pokemon type: Pikachu and evolutions


Player Teams?

Research Teams:
The Prøfessors, Team Mystic, Team Instinct, Team Valor

Competitive Teams:
None currently listed.?

Social Teams:
None currently listed.?

Breeding Teams:
None currently listed.?

Grinding Teams:
None currently listed.?

Criminal Teams:
None currently listed.?

Collector Teams:
None currently listed.?