The FiveSages

Celadon mansion

AndreaDenit at the Celadon Mansion chapter 8

_-*The Fivesages*-_

The fivesages was founded by in kanto andreadennit .

The leader is andreadennit.

The sub leaders are Evaone, and Fleura.

Tower 2

Andreadenit at bottom of mansion

They have claimed the Celadon Mansion Chapter 8 as there base.

Members List

  • andreadennit-leader (andy)
  • Fleura-subleader (fleur)
  • Evaone-subleader(eva)
  • TrainerM-officer (trainer)
  • Grimreminder-officer (grim)
  • Keitpo-officer (kei)
    Tower 1

    Andreadenit at top of mansion

  • Davedawg -member (dawg)


  • Andreadenit-store / baby pokemon training

Resturant List

  • moon stone- 5 pokeballs

    andreadenit at store

  • sun stone- 3 ultraballs
  • water stone- 5 greatballs
  • fire stone- 5 greatballs
  • electric stone-5 greatballs
  • leaf stone- 5 greatballs
  • TM'S- 1 ultraball each

Baby Pokemon Training

Baby pokemon daycare

andreadenit in the baby pokemon daycare

1 pokeball for every lv up before trainer comes back


Go around and spread news and ask people to join. There HQ is on island 7


Andrea dennit at mail deleviry hq

Gym Trainers

Have a gym like gym leaders but dont give badges andyou can battle them whenever you want

Gyms are located at these places on channel 8:

  • Top of celadon dept. store-Andreadennit-flying+normal
  • Floor 1 of safferon tower- Fleura-water+dragon
  • Building before the safari zone- Evaone-
  • Top of Celadon mansion-Grimreminder-grass
  • Cinibar lab-Carsonraz-bug+electric
  • Celadon hotel-Giotech-all types 

Below e4's

members that have no job and r fighting gyms or e4 still