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The Rising
Team leader(s):NinjaEFD
Date established:8/21/2013
In-game channel(s):2
Forum topic:[ link]

The Rising

The Rising is a team of pokemon trainers who assist and battle among themselves for the fun of it, and come together to tackle and rise above obstacles when needed.


The Leader of The Rising battling a newly made member

The Team was formed on 8/21/2013.

The only Known way to get in the guild so far is to contact "NinjaEFD" in game or through his youtube channel

You will notice Member of this clan by their clan tag DNFN which has been said to stand for

Do Not Falter Now

The name is said to come from those who have "Risen Above" or "Pushed Beyond Their Limits"

Their said to hang around on Channel 2 mostly but will change channels when need or challenged to a battle.

Some of the trainers have been said to descend from legendary trainers who came before which has not been confirmed nor denied.

Communications are normally done over Skype a Webcam is NOT NEEDED although a Microphone is. If you cannot skype the ingame Team Chatbox will be used.

Members, Requirements and Rules

The requirements to get into this team are quite wierd as the leader has stated that he will test the trainer requesting to join and not only through battle but other obstacles.

The number of members in the team and who the members are are only known to team members themselves


1) Be Respectful, Trash talking is welcome but no flame wars. 

2) No Spam

3) No giving away trade secrets.

If you feel you're "trainer" or "Higher Ranking Person" is being unfair you may request a trade to another "trainer" of the same rank


 The Overseer- Highest rank and founder unachievable. Biggest say in all matters, and can make any kind of requests.

 The Risen  (those who have Risen)- Can Request anything, Have biggest say in matters concerning the team. May Kick Out Members if seen fit. Will train The Fallen

 The Rising- Will Report to the The Risen to request changes to be made to team through The Risen. Can request trade or assistance catching or training pokemon

The Fallen- Can request assistance and to prove themselves through certain "quests", "assignments" or battle after a certain ammount of time. Slightly bigger say in matter concerning team, assistants to the  

' 'The Risen. Can request assictance training pokemon and items  The Falling- Starting Rank, Say in small matters and assistants to The Rising. Can request items.

The Rising
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