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Team Toast
Team leader(s):SebastionStorm
Date established:11/25/2012
In-game channel(s):2
Forum topic:[no link]

Toast was started on November 25, 2012 by SebastionStorm after Beaterbot did not have the money. After a riveting bout of discussion about everyone's favorite part of breakfast, it was decided by Gap that a team should be made in order to pay homage to the food item. The chat erupted in applause at the mere mention of the crispy trinket and it was decided that Channel 2 would host the newest, baddest, and tasty-est team to ever exist.

Latest News


Gap, the coolest player in the team, made this Wiki Page!

11/25/12 We're here, PokeMMO! Prepare to be toasted!



Founder and current leader of Toast. We're still trying to figure out how that happened.


Giant Banana

A picture of Beaterbot in the arms of his uncle Mike.

A Channel 2 regular and co-founder of Toast. Most notable for being a giant, MMO playing banana.


The voice of "reason", whatever that is, Lieutenant Reward is another Channel 2 regular and co-founder of Toast.


Another co-founder of Toast, he is by far the most awesome of the Team. He also built this wicked Wikia page out of the goodness of his... whatever he has that's keeping him alive inside. He is a big fan of Pecans and the band Steam Powered Giraffe.


Not to be confused with his younger cousin the Sasquatch, Samsquatch can often be found causing mischief and blaming things on the Batman.


Co-founder of Toast. Better known as the Batman.


Not much is known about Israeli. However, he is suspect to hail from Greenland.