1. This article is about trading Pokemon in-game. For the chat channel sometimes known as 'Trade', see Trade Chat.

[1]The interface of the trade screen.Added by SarkosityTrade in PokeMMO is the act by which players can trade Pokémon and Held Items between one another in-game.


[show]==Initiating a trade== A trade can be initiated by sending a trade request to another player. This request is sent by right-clicking the player's character, then selecting their name and selecting 'Trade'. If the other player accepts, both players will be sent to the trade screen. If you do not want people sending you trade requests, you can auto-decline them by choosing the  'Auto Decline Trade Requests' option in Menu -> Settings -> Other.



Up to five Pokémon can be traded at a time. To add Pokémon to the trade menu, players must click-and-drag the Pokémon from their party menu at the right-hand side of the screen into their available slots on the trade menu. If the player has a full party and does not put up any Pokémon for trade, the trade will not go through. Players are able to inspect one anothers' Pokémon by right clicking on them and viewing the Summary screen.


Currently, items cannot be traded directly, as in the case of money or Pokémon. Instead, items must be given to a Pokémon to hold while being traded. Currently, the held item of a Pokemon in the trade box is beside the Pokemon itself and it is listed in the last confirmation window. If two players wish to trade items but not Pokémon, they must agree to return the Pokémon once the items have been retrieved. Keep in mind the risk involved in trusting another player as they may not return Pokémon after the trade - it is advised to use common or expendable Pokémon while trading items in this manner. 

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon currently have an orange glow within the trade window. Also, when you right click the Pokemon's box, the Pokemon will look shiny. Note that "Shiny" will not be in the name unless it is nicknamed. There is a common scamming practice where people nickname a Pokemon, "Shiny ________" when it would originally barely look shiny. Be careful. There are 3 confirmations when trading a Pokemon. The 3rd and final confirmation includes information such as the held item, if the Pokemon is shiny, and the level.

Trade Restrictions

Starter Pokémon, and their evolutions, cannot be traded until they have reached level 25. This includes;

    • Bulbasaur, Ivysaur
    • Charmander, Charmeleon
    • Squirtle, Wartortle

Pokemon Eggs Obtained From The Breeders are also Non Tradable as of July 2013

Mystery Box  A Suprise Item Obtainable from The Game Corner Cannot Be Traded As Its Contents Vary Drastically

Trade Evolutions

Some Pokemon have a special way of evolving. They must be traded from one person to another. In the event that you need to evolve a Pokemon via trade, it is recommended that you find a Community Manager or a friend to help you. Many people would be willing to steal your Pokemon when you trade with them, and scamming is legal.

The following Pokemon need traded to evolve:

Trade Evolutions
Pokemon Evolution Held Item
Kadabra Alakazam None
Graveler Golem None
Haunter Gengar None
Slowpoke Slowking King's Rock
Scyther Scizor Metal Coat
Onix Steelix Metal Coat
Porygon Porygon2 Up-Grade
Poliwhirl Politoad King's Rock
Seadra Kingdra Dragon Scale