The upcoming features are from sources that have confrimed them in the forums. This page was created from JWingWangWong's thread

As of April 1st 2017:

Features Confirmed in the Next Update (Implying Minor/Major)

A new generation is confirmed to come, in April 1st 2017 the developers announced a PTS for Unova, right now there are no clues of the full release).

Features Confirmed Soon™

- Move animation for HMs* (Source)
- Open/Close door animations (Source)
- A log out button in the menus. (Source)
- Future Clothing and Accessories. (Source) (See this thread for upcoming vanity items)
- Surfing on your Pokemon.**** (Source)
- Custom UI via themes. ETA 2015 (Source)
- FAQ changes.* (Source)
- Caught Pokemon can be marked via symbols (Source)
- Better Character Management (Source)
- In-Game Release Notes (Source) (Source2)
- Egg Hatching Counter (Source)
- Music for specific trainers (Source)
- Egg hatching bonuses (Source)
- Ditto Move Inheritance (Source)
- Queue capacity changes (Source)(Source2)
- Craftable Items (Source)
- A Slot Machine Solution (Source)
- Auction House (Source)
- Flagging Friends in Chat* (Source)
- Weather and Seasons (Source)
- Reworking slots (Source)
- Egg Hatching Statuses (Source)

- Tools to make new worlds ****(Source)
- Friend activity since last login . (Source2)
- Changing character's name via Donation Shop (Source)
- Better Animations (Source)
- Custom balancing (Source)

* Signifies that there is a good chance it will be in the next update, but no official response has been indicated.

**** Indicates to happen not right away.

Features Possibly™ Confirmed

- Battle system will be ran on generation IV rules. (Source)
- All abilities will be implemented eventually. (Source) (See progress on this thread)
- Portable PC (aka a Laptop) buyable at the gift shop (Source)

- Hatching egg status. (Source)
- All Pokemon will be available (Implying ALL Pokemon from Gen I-V [maybe six]) (Source)
- Character Customization (Changing the character's features after first edit) (Source)
- Trainer card improvements are planned Eventually™ (Source)
- Earning legendaries through the untraditional method of getting them (Source)(Source 2)
- Motorbikes via Gift Shop (Source)
- Bait that attracts different Pokemon. Used in fishing.** (Source)
- Custom maps which would have board games.*** (Source)
- In-game helper that teaches the game. Most likely to be implemented in bot form. (Source)
- Moves will be obtainable/renewable eventually. We are not sure how it will happen though. (Source)
- Smarter NPC AI during battle sequences *** (Source)
- Official IV calculator ** (Source)
- Nuzlocke/alternative game modes (Source)
- Holiday Pokemon (Source)
- Gameboy music (Source)
- Egg TMs (Source)
- Team pruning* (Source)
Team feature changes (Source):

  • Allowing duplicate team tags
  • Probably allowing Latin-extended charset into the team names/tags (Latin Extended-A / Latin Extended-B codeblocks)

- Fossil Egg Moves (Source)
- Custom balancing (Source)
- Matchmaking improvements (Source)

- Custom movesets and EVs (Source)
**Indicates that it was given a maybe and it possibly may or may not be denied in the future.
***Indicates that this will happen in the far, far future and may or may not happen at all. They have the resources to do so.

Speculated/Unconfirmed Features