Chat Commands

More information about the chat window can be found on the User Interface#Chat window page.
  • /normal - Switches to the Normal channel.
  • /shout - Switches to the Shout channel.
  • /trade - Switches to the Trade channel.
  • /global - Switches to the Global channel.
  • /team - Switches to the Team channel.
  • /whisper Target - Sends a whisper to the target player.
  • /block Target - Adds a character to your Block List. Characters on your block list will not be able to duel you, trade you, and their messages will be hidden.
  • /unblock Target - Removes a character from your Block List.
  • /friendlist - Displays your current friendlist and their statuses.

Other Commands

  • /loc Lists your current location.
  • /unstuck Teleports you to Pallet Town.
  • /time Displays ingame time, along with Day/Night.
  • /servertime Tells you the ingame time.
  • /sysinfo Debugs out current system info to chat.
  • /sysgc Attempts to run the Java garbage collector to free unneeded memory.
  • /dnd Do not disturb.