Players interfact with PokeMMO with the user interface. Default hotkey to enable and disable the UI is F12. If only the lower right buttons are disappearing, change your game resolution.

Chat window

The chat window is one of the methods used to communicate with other players.

Players can send messages to 5 different chat channels:

  • Normal: Players close by will be able to read your message. Your text will appear in White.
    Pokemmo ui chatchannelsdemo

    Chat channels demonstration

  • Shout: Shout has double the range of /normal. Your text will appear in Orange.
  • Whispers: Whispers are private messages between two players. Only the player you send a whisper to will be able to read it. This text will appear in Green.
  • Trade: This channel is specifically for trade; Selling and buying pokémon or items. Your text will appear in Purple.
  • Global: ​Global chat sends a message to all players on the server. Your text will appear in Cyan.


Players can change what chat channel they are speaking in by pressing the button at the bottom left of the chat window.

They can also use the following user commands:

  • /normal Switches to the Normal channel.
  • /shout Switches to the Shout channel.
  • /trade Switches to the Trade channel.
  • /global Switches to the Global channel.
  • /whisper Target Sends a whisper to the target player.

Staff Member identification

Staff members will be identified by an icon to the left of their name when chatting:

  • Cmbutton Community Manager: Community Managers are moderators of the PokeMMO Forums .
  • Gmbutton Game Master: Game Masters are staff members who police the game servers.
  • Hgmbutton Head Game Master: The Head Game Master is the person who appoints other Staff members.
  • Devbutton Developer: Developers work hard on the servers, striving to bring you the best experience possible!
  • Adminbutton Administrator: The Administrator is the person who owns the servers and is the Head Developer.

Other characteristics

  • Each chat message is limited to 150 characters.
  • Invalid characters will result in a "null" being used instead.
  • Chat channels can be hidden by pressing the associated button at the top of the chat window.
  • Game Masters or system services may send messages via the Announcements function. Announcements will appear in light blue, and will be prefixed by "Announcements:".


Pokemmo hud inventorydemo

The Inventory in use

The inventory is a panel which displays the items you are currently holding. It is accessed by pressing the Inventory button at the bottom right of the user interface.

The Inventory has 5 tabs; One for each item type:

  • Items: Contains regular consumables, such as Potions and Antidotes.
  • Key Items: Contains items which are used in quests or can only be obtained once, such as a Bicycle or Town Map.
  • Pokéballs: Contains the various Pokéballs used for capturing Pokémon in the game.
  • TM Case: Contains TMs and HMs , used for teaching moves to Pokémon.
  • Berry Pouch: Contains Berries.


Pokemmo hud pokedexdemo

A Pokédex in progress.

The Pokédex is used to keep track of a player's progress in the game. It will update upon seeing a Pokémon in the wild, and the Pokémon's details will be filled once it is captured.

The Pokédex is accessible by using the Pokédex button at the bottom right of the user interface

Game Settings

The PokeMMO client has several settings for users to adjust. These are used to adjust how the client displays the game.
Pokemmo hud settingsdemo

An early incarnation of the Settings menu

  • Display Resolution: Changes the Resolution the PokeMMO client renders at. The client can be set to a custom resolution by dragging the window's borders.
  • Fullscreen: Toggles whether the client will use Fullscreen functionality. If you use this, you should adjust the Display Resolution to your desktop's native resolution.
  • Draw Border: Toggles whether or not to draw borders of maps. If this is toggled off, the edges of the map will display a black border instead of a tiled sprite.
  • Music Volume / SFX Volume: Adjusts the volume of sound in the game.
  • Control Settings: Allows you to adjust the keys used for movement and interacting with the world.


Achievements are a planned feature to let players distinguish their experiences in the game.


Trainer Card

The Trainer Card is currently used to track several stats, including:

Trainer card gui demo
*Current badge count
  • Pokédex progress
  • Time played
  • Money

and will expand to include more in the future.

Status Indicators


If a player is currently Battling, they will have one of three status indicators above their head:

  • A Pokéball will spin above the player's head if they are currently engaged in a battle with a wild Pokémon or if they are engaged in a battle with a Non Player trainer.
  • A Master Ball will spin above players' heads if they are engaged in a PvP Duel.
  • A Premier Ball will spin above a player's head if they are spectating a duel.

Party Listing

Pokemmo HUD PokemonPartyList

The party listing shows the current health of the Pokémon in your party by using colors.

  • Green: Pokémon is at full health.
  • Yellow: Pokémon is injured.
  • Red: Pokémon is severely injured.
  • Purple: Pokémon has fainted.

Pokémon Summary

Pokemmo hud pokesummarydemo

The Pokémon Summary is a window which displays the target Pokémon's stats. Players can access this by right-clicking on a Pokémon in the Party Listing.